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We offer a wide range of packages to suit any business. starting from just £99 for a 5 page website per year!

To avoid us blinding you with science and cyber babble our web packages are priced in simple terms. So rather than talking about costs in Mega bites, data transfer rates and using other confusing costing plans, we have simplified our prices to equate to standard A4 paper sizes. In other words, as web sites are made up of pages it seems more sensible for us to charge you only for each page of information you wish to publish! For pricing purposes our web pages are the equivalent to approximately the same amount of information you can fit onto a sheet of A4 paper. The prices quoted are per year, so in weekly terms they are very reasonable. For example: Package 1 cost's less than 39p per page per week! That is a five page web site including domain name registration for a single payment of only £99. Includes all costs to get your site online and hosted for a full year and with nothing else to pay.



Use the table below to estimate the cost of your website. Simply work out how many pages you need to publish. Then add the registration fee for your www name. Thatís all there is to it. We do the rest

Web Site Options 

Page Prices per year

Enter Total Pages to calculate cost


Package 1. Up to 5 pages (5 Page min)

£20 per page

5  x £20 = £99


Package 2. 6 pages and over

£19 per page

    x £19 = £


Package 3. 10 pages and over

£18 per page

    x £18 = £


Package 4. 20 pages and over

£17 per page

    x £17 = £


Package 5. 25 pages and over

£16 per page

    x £16 = £


Package 6. 30 pages and over

£14 per page

    x £14 = £


Package 7. 40 pages and over

£12 per page

    x £12 = £


Package 8. 50 pages and over

£10 per page

    x £10 = £


Total cost of web pages: £
Add £35 to register a ".co.uk" name for two years: £
Add £75 to register a ".com" name for two years: £
Add together for the total cost of your web site: £

All website packages include the following as standard and at no extra cost:

To take advantage of our free trial

Please print the Microsoft word version of the above table and when completed, return to us at the address on the head of the application form. We will call you back and arrange a time to visit you to discuss your requirements. We will then commence with your full web site project on a trial basis free of charge and publish it on a temporary web site for 7 days so you can try it out. If you are happy with the results, we will transfer this to your own www name on recite of your payment.


For further information or just to ask questions you can phone us on: 0141 556 5358 or Fax: 0141 556 5358 or e-mail us at: sales@stew-arts.co.uk

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